East Rangá - world class fly fishing - NEW for 2017 JUNE FISHING

The East Ranga River offers world class fly fishing in one of Iceland's best salmon rivers. East Rangá has been one of Iceland´s most productive rivers for the last 15 years. East Rangá has earnt its place as one of Iceland´s top salmon rivers due to a well planned conservation and management policy that has been in place for 25 years.

East Rangá is one of the most beautiful and prolific salmon rivers in Iceland. The smolt release program is one of the best in Iceland.

During the last 5 years the average salmon catch has been over 4000 fish caught on 18 rods. 


The river is diveded into nine beats with 2 rods on each beat and has a fair rotation system utiltsing the 22 km stretch of the river for the maximum benefit of each angler. This allows plenty of space per rod and a nice varienty of interesting river pools.

One guide per two rods is recommended for the best coverage of pools including knowledge of the river plus the most approprate tackle and best fly patterns. 

Facts about East Rangá: 
Season is from 1st of July till 30th of October each year.

East Ranga is famous for catching the greatest number of big salmon out of all the  rivers in Iceland.

Late July and early August is the prime month for the salmon.

Fisherman can use fly, lures and even worms.

The East Ranga River has several very big sea trout caught during each season.



Salmon fishing in Iceland. 

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